PERDASAMA Satu Pasukan Satu Tujuan

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kunjung hormat PERDASAMA ke JKAS (3PU) JPM.

Tuan Hj Ahamd Husni Hussain sedang mempengerusikan mesyuarat dan kunjung hormat Perdasama ke Unit Kerjasama Awam Swasta Jabatan Perdana Menteri Malaysia di Putrajaya.
Kelihatan didalam gmabar dikiri Encik Ahmad Zamri Khairudin dan Dato Izat Emir.

Rombongan PERDASAMA bersama pegawai pegawai Bahagian Dasar dan Pemantauan 3pu.
Dari kanan: Puan Shahratulnaim, Datuk Naim Mohamad, Dato Samsuddin Abd Rahman, Asril Md Amin, dan Dato Izat Emir. Kelihatan disebelah kiri Cik Siti Zaleha Mohd Fathillah dari bahagian Pemantaun Projek.

Pegawai pegawai di JKAS dari kiri: Nur Asyikin Azis, Nazatul Ismaa, Khadijah Abd Hamid dan Siti Nadzirah.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mesyuarat Ahli Jawatankuasa Pemandu CRM Perdasama

Kelihatan Y Bhg Dato Izat Emir sedang membincangkan sesuatu issue dengan penoh serious
Dari kiri Puan Junaidah Mohamad, Datuk Naim Mohamad, Dato Izat Emir dan Puan Halina

Dari kiri Mr Amrith, Datuk Naim Mohamad, Dato Izat Emir dan Puan Habibah (Selangor).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mesyuarat Agong PERDASAMA di PWTC 9 Ogos, 2010

Tetamu Kehormat diatas pentas.
Dari kiri Encik Shawaluddin, Dato Matshah Safuan, Dato Izat Emir, YB Menteri, Dato Rahim, Dato Hashim & Hj Ami Salleh.

Ucapan Perasmian oleh YB Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Agro, YB Dato Seri Noh Omar

Antara para perwakilan mesyuarat agong yang hadir

Pemenenang pemenang Anugerah untuk tahun 2010

Sedekah Jariah di bulan Ramadhan

Rasulullah SAW bersabda, ' Bila seorang anak Adam wafat, maka amalnya terputus kecuali tiga hal iaitu:-
1] Shadaqah jariah
2] Ilmu yang bermanfaat
3] Anak shalih yang mendoakannya. (HR. Muslim, Abu Dawud , At-Tirmidzi , Nasa ' i dan Ahmad )



1. Berikan al-Quran pada seseorang, dan setiap dibaca, anda mendapatkan hasanah

Give a copy of Quran to someone and each time they read from it, you will gain hasanaat

2. Sumbangkan kerusi roda ke hospital dan setiap orang sakit menggunakannya, anda dapat hasanah

Donate a wheel chair to a hospital and each time a sick person uses it, you will gain hasanaat

3. Berbahagi bacaan yang berfaedah dengan seseorang

Share constructive reading material with someone

4. Bantu Pendidikan seorang anak

Help in educating a child

5. Ajarkan seseorang sebuah do ' a.
Pada setiap bacaan do ' a itu, anda dapat hasanah

Teach someone to recite a doa . With each recitation, you will gain hasanaat

6. Berbahagi CD Quran atau Do ' a

Share a doa or Quran CD

7. Libatkan dalam pembangunan sesebuah masjid tenaga atau harta

Participate in the building of a mosque thru wealth or strength

8. Letakkan pendingin air di tempat umum

Place a water cooler in a public place

9. Tanam sebuah pohon. Setiap seseorang atau binatang berlindung dibawahnya, anda dapat hasanah

Plant a tree. Each time any person or an animal sits under its shade or eats from the tree, you will gain hasanaat

10. Bagikan email ini dengan orang lain. Jika seseorang menjalankan salah satu
dari hal diatas, Anda dapat hasanah sampai hari Qiamat.

Share this with someone. If one person applies any of the above you will receive your hasanaat until the Day of Judgment

Friday, August 6, 2010

MATRADE Bulettin Issue No.6/2010/33

Issue No. 6/2010/33

Market Development Grant (MDG) For Malaysian Services Providers (MSP)

With effective from 1st May 2010, SMEs Malaysian services providers can apply for MDG-MSP grant for eligible export promotion activities. The scheme provides 50% reimbursable matching grant or reimbursable grants to assist SMEs Malaysian services providers undertake activities for the development of exports.

Details of the guidelines and application form are available at www.matrade.gov.my

Malaysian Mission Eyeing US$47.3 Billion Projects In Indonesian Construction & Infrastructure

Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), in collaboration with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and the Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM), recently organised a Specialised Marketing Mission to Jakarta, Indonesia on construction and related services.

The Malaysian delegation comprised representatives from CIDB, MBAM, EXIM Bank Bhd and 12 local companies specialising in engineering and construction, facility maintenance, formwork solution designs and systems, project management services, toll collection systems and waterproofing services.

The Malaysian mission, which was held from July 20 to 23, looked to target at securing part of the US$47.3 billion in infrastructure and construction projects announced by the Indonesian Government recently on its Public Private Partnership (PPP) programme. The projects under the Indonesian PPP programme include air, land and maritime transportation, power generation, railways, solid waste and sanitation, toll roads and water supply. In addition to identifying specific PPP projects, the objectives of the mission were to explore opportunities for collaboration and to strengthen business-to-business networking between Malaysian and Indonesian companies.

Initial opportunities identified by the mission members were potential projects worth RM50.2 million for the development of toll and public transport networks, parking systems, water proofing systems and formwork solutions for the construction sector.


New Services Categories Under Malaysia Exporters Registry

The services categories and codes for the registration of Malaysian service providers as MATRADE member have been revised. Current MATRADE members are encouraged to log in to MyExport and update their services categories.

Export Excellence Award (Services)

The Export Excellence Award (Services) honours Malaysian companies for performing exceptionally well in the global marketplace and their commitment and efforts in penetrating the export markets for their services. The recipients of the award will be entitled to various benefits such as tax exemption from the IRM and exemption of participation fee for International Trade Fairs organized by MATRADE. Dateline for participation form submission is 27th August 2010. For further details, kindly contact:

Puan Rosmizah Mat Jusoh (03-6207 7131) En. Faizal Izany Mastor (03-6207 7141)
Puan Norainie Saadiah (03-6207 7135) En. Damian Santosh (03-6207 -7142)

Development Of ICT Industry In Oman

The ICT market in Oman continues to see a growth in demand for new technology and additional services. The demand for consumer electronics in Oman is estimated grow from US$487 million this year to US$600 million by 2014, with computer hardware (representing 36% of the market) is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6% during that period. The market for mobile handsets, which is also becoming a popular method of accessing internet, is expected to reach over US$200 million by 2014, with mobile penetration hitting 174.3%. Strong figures such as these points to a continued healthy future for Oman's IT sector.

For more information, please email to dubai@matrade.gov.my

Qatar’s ICT Market

The rapidly expanding non-hydrocarbons sector of Qatar’s economy is fuelling growth in IT services and the government is determined to roll out further IT infrastructure in a bid to establish Qatar as a leading knowledge-based economy. Development and high spending in health and education systems as well as the financial services and communications sector have boosted growth in the IT industry as firms, both public and private, seek technical services and solutions.

For more information, please email to dubai@matrade.gov.my

Opportunities in Environmental Services Sector In Mexico

Mexico experiences lack of complete and reliable services available when it comes to treating environment properly. Some example of services that are still needed in this country include water treatment facilities; even in Mexico City & Mexico State, pollution management system; especially air pollution treatment, waste management; including medical waste and energy management system. According to a report, economic value of this sector in Mexico is more than USD7.5 Billion. 15 percent of the amount is contributed by engineering (construction, mantling of facilities) and the rest include insurance services, legal, testing, information technology and other related services. Several key sectors have been identified as priority to the Government of Mexico namely water treatment plan / facilities, solid waste management and air pollution management. Malaysian companies in this sector should take advantage of the opportunity in Mexico and one of the platforms is through participation in the Waste & Recycling Expo Mexico in 2011. For further information, please email to mexicocity@matrade.gov.my

Saudi Developers To Focus On Mid Income Housing

Rising land costs are driving some developers in Saudi Arabia to focus on mid and high income housing as they try to cover their costs, despite strong demand for cheaper accommodation, industry experts say. With a growing population of over 25 million, 70 percent of which is under the age of 30, the country will need to build more than one million new homes by 2014. The demand for affordable housing in Saudi Arabia will provide significant opportunities for Malaysian developers and investors. Malaysian companies can introduce their expertise to develop integrated building system with higher construction quality and higher affordability. Please email to jeddah@matrade.gov.my for further details.

The Russian Construction Sector To Stabilize In 2010

The Russian government is expected to increase its capital expenditure on road and railway construction, as well as airport expansion between 2010 and 2015. The programme requires a total investment of US$420 billion, of which US$147 billion will be sourced from the federal coffers. Malaysian exporters of construction materials and services should take advantage of the opportunity offered by the Russian government. For further details, please email to moscow@matrade.gov.my